VR1 - All Hail The Creators of UC



From the Flames and Resultant Ash of the Zone Wars



From the Fury of the Loyal Few



Comes a New Start, a Rebirth



In short, here comes UltraForce, a club of UltraCorps commanders who are sworn to uphold the following 3 principles:

1. Cheating, both in the form of bug abuse and in the case of hacking, and particularly in the case of Multi Account Cheating, will not be allowed to happen and UltraForce members will act to prevent cheating whenever they see it.  This will mainly take the form of exposing MACS

2. The members will work to provide Acutronics Central with all the help they can to improve the game, including posting suggestions, bug reports, etc.

3. All UltraForce commanders shall Role Play, or in some way participate above playing the game from cycle to cycle. We shall strive to have fun and improve the playing experience for all.






RacialCycle.gif (2548 bytes)RacialCycle.gif (2548 bytes)

Honour is job one.

206 reborn.






UltraCorps and related files are the copyright of VR1.  They are used without any permission of any kind.  If you see something you do not like, it can be fixed if you mail the Webmaster

Please send all flames to a sunny field somewhere in Belgium, so they can enjoy a nice vacation away from all the stress of modern internet gaming.