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Moonbars Fresh Start 18/8/00

Ulracorps is back!

I need to say that again, for full effect:


It is not currently open to the public at large, but it is back.. that's the most important part.

Now, if we all get our acts together and make the game fun, enjoyable and balanced, perhaps we can convince the guys at VR1 to pump in some more resources..




Moonbars Closure 2/6/99

Ultra Corps was closed today, much to the disgust of this reporter.

Moonbars New Members 4/1/99

Andy, Red9, Meanoman and Vegasbum have all joined or rejoined the alliance, howdy fellas.


Moonbars Assistant Webmaster Wanted 4/1/99

Must be able to prove (s)he can produce pages equal to those seem in the USSR Library`s Gen results page. Also have a post for person with some art skill to design icons for navbar and to detail the maps used in results. Both would be expected to work with Lanmy101, who cpatures the maps out of the game.

Frontpage preferred, but not required. Apply to Moonbars, at the link in the title bar.

Moonbars Andy_6474 spotted 4/1/99

Andy_6474 was on the zone today, and wished us all well :-)

We hope he decides to return to the Ultracorps universe, and would point out the Join form link :-P

Moonbars Be the 800th visitor! 4/1/99

If you can save the counter when it says 800, you could be the owner of a special prize! I`m not telling you what it is!

Moonbars N.G. up, Ultracorps2 in the works, Open invite to play TCA at Stars 3/1/99

Happy new year! The Newsgroup is up, so is my forum for talking about the future of Ultracorps, and TCA wants to play stars :-)


Moonbars N.G. in the works 7/12/98

The website will be getting it`s own newsgroup. Stay tuned for more information. The time line form the game will also be making an apparence on the website.


Moonbars Members Page updated 6/12/98

The members page has been updated finally. A new edition of the ECB is also online. We are missing results from several gens.. if you have any of the missing data, mail it to Moonbars. Of the items mentioned below, the majority have been done. The new background has been shelved for now.


Moonbars Changes Planned 10/21/98

You will still be getting a script error on the join page, but I know why know, so expect it to work properly soon. I paid a huge amount of money for a new computer a few weeks ago, and don`t quite have to set up yet for web-authoring. So don`t expect any fancy stuff for a while. Front Page Express is a KILLER. Cyber has been playing with the directory structure as well. Why he`s copied the star background into every folder I`ll never know. He could have typed ".../images/morestars.gif" and got the same results without replicating morestars.gif several times.;-) Or used "get background and Colours from page", which is what I do.. *HINT* _-D

Other things planned for the near future are:

Formal Declaration of our Rules and Regualtions.

Better Navbar

Better background (featuring nice little UC units)

New/Differant music


See you in TOC3, I got my invite today!


Moonbars Archive 9/21/98

Added the archived history from the previous USSR website. Under the History link. If anybody wants to apply for the job of making more maps like those you can see in the history section, please drop us a line..


Cybertrax Join 9/17/98

Hello, note the join form works.  Please ignore the error that is prompted.  To use it just click yes to contiune the script.

We will have this fixed soon.


Moonbars Chat room 9/15/98

Chat room has been added, genral tidying up has been done. I`ll be adding more members as I remember who you all are, mailnig me with a reminder wouldn`t hurt. And the join form doesn`t work (i think) so E-mail us your requests for now..


Moonbars Creation of Web SITE 9/15/98

The website was uploaded today, chances are you are one of the first lucky individuals to read this. There are probobly thousands of broken links, missing pictures, spelling mistakes, lies, falsehoods, cock-ups, rough edges, and general mayhem. Report any errors / ideas / suggstions regarding the Web page to Moonbars. USSR queries, idea`s etc. should be mailed to Cybertrax.